Retro Shopping

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Retro Shopping

Chill out retro shopping and hidden places around

Pradipat, The Big Street, at Saphan Khwai intersection, there are many old shops, clubs like Nakano Station in Tokyo that includes a lot of vintage items. The charm lies in the old and seasoned buildings. Plus the newness of the restaurants, sitting in the alley that has become more and more influenced by the area of ​​Ari. The shop in Pradipat have more senses of Friendly or Homie, because there is a lot more space in the shop in Ari area. Some shops have converted old houses. Went in and felt like visiting a friend's house

This recommended shop is in an alley without people passing by. Will know only when accidentally walking through or someone comes to tell The advantages of these restaurants in the alley are not crowded. Is a good resting corner and most importantly, the shopkeepers will pay attention to their own actions. Have a boutique in detail and warm at the same time


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